latest led tv prices in pakistan

Latest LED TV Prices in Pakistan & Specs

LED TVs become the rage over the past few years, offering the features that traditional TV can’t offer. The demand for LED TV becoming high day by day. So, the consumer needs to keep themselves up to date about the latest price of LED TVs in Pakistan and their updated features. This article will help you to choose the perfect LED TV for yourself based on features, specs, sizes, and most importantly the latest price of LED TVs in Pakistan. If you are looking for the best brand then MULTYNET is the top brand that fulfills your demand and you have access to sleek design along with high resolution, refresh rate, DOLBY Audio, and Chromecast technology that makes your place like a theatre. The most important thing that attracts you to MULTYNET is its affordable price for LED TVs.  It’s friendly payment policies and warranty policies.

MULTYNET is selling various top Android TV models. The Latest LED TV Prices starts from 29,302. The top-selling categories are as follows:

  1. NX6 Series
  2. QA7 Series
  3. SU7 Series
  4. NX7 Series

NX7 Model Certified Android LED TV

The most popular android LED TV is 32NX7 which comes under the SKU category. It’s a 4k picture quality TV with Chromecast, a built-in satellite receiver with 8 GB ROM, and 1 GB RAM with Bluetooth technology. The Dolby Audio sound system is another amazing feature with google assistance that make your entertainment at the comfort of your couch. The latest price of the NX7 LED TV is 38,900 after the discount.

The 40 inches NX7 possesses all the above-mentioned features with the latest price being just Rs. 49,900. The outer layout of this LED TV is its slimmer and sleek technology with amazing vibrant colors. If you want a bigger screen size then the latest price of this 43-inch is Rs. 55,900.

QA7 Model Certified Android LED TV

QA7 model of the latest price LED TVs in Pakistan contains all the features that are mentioned above. The latest price of QA7 for 65 inches is Rs. 129,900 and goes up to Rs. 239,900 for 75 inches TV in Pakistan.

SU7 Model Certified Android LED TV

The SU7 series of 43-inch costs you Rs 60,900 with all its amazing features and specs. Those who are looking for a lesser budget 32-inch BL100 LED that contains all the core features like USB ports, HDMI cable ports, and headphone ports with a full HD screen for just Rs. 29,900.

Switching between Smart and Dump TV in latest LED TV Prices

The latest price LED TVs in the market are no dump. But we can say traditional TVs are the dumped ones as they cannot offer those features that smart TV offer. The latest price LED TVs are sometimes privacy-invasive. Multiple reports about it reported that LED TVs possibly record people’s conversations. The LED TV can be converted into a dump TV by simply going into your ACR settings. You can get information about this feature by a quick search on the internet.

Friendly Payment Policies

The friendly payment policies of MULTYNET make it more favorable in the market. The valued customers have multiple payment options that suites their needs.

  • Cash on Delivery (COD)
  • Direct Bank Transfer
  • Credit and Debit Card Payment

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