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MULTYNET’s Android TV Justified Their Price in the Market

Android TVs are the prime focus in the entertainment industry due to the latest features and specs. The entertainment industry is sprung up due to technological advancement and online streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and many other well-known go-to-places entertainment platforms. The more exciting thing for consumers is that big companies are in the test-and-run phases and launching new startups to bring out nothing but the best things. This blog will help to enlighten readers with some of the best Android TVs and the price of MULTYNET’s Android TV series.

Performance Specs Inside Android TV

No one can compromise on speed and performance that’s why the top renowned brands like MULTYNET have Quad Core Processors Installed inside the Android TVs that enhance the refresh rate and navigation speed. The good cooling and heating systems in Android TV also help the system to perform well which improves customer experience. A 64-bit processor is appreciated with proper storage RAM. It usually has 2GB of RAM and internal storage of 8 GB on top of the models of Android TV. If we talk about the contrast ratio and brightness level of Android TV Price, they are available in an economical range. The exceptional features of these Android TVs and prices help you to identify the best LED TVs available in the market.

Factors That Determine Android TV Prices

One thing that we have to look for when buying Android TVs is the price and picture quality. The MULTYNET model NX7 is a cost-friendly model that gives you the Android TV at the best price. The Android TV is installed with the number 1 thing people look for when buying LED TV, which is the Picture quality. It possesses a high-definition processor for crystal clear images and brilliant pixels that enhance your experience with a big screen. The quad-core processor in Android TV boosts your LED refreshment speed and loading time to navigate from one tab to another.  If we talk about the storage of these Android TVs then they have 8GB ROM and 1GB RAM with the best Android TV price coverage. All the series of MULTYNET are not just simple Android TVs but are certified TVs with great demand and all specs available in them. The Android TV nowadays is around 43,590 PKR but after a limited-edition discount, it has come down to 38,900 PKR.

Latest Technological Advancement in MULTYNET Android TV

The latest and advanced feature of MULTYNET’s Android TV is built-in Chromecast technology. You can mirror your smartphone to your Android TV sets within the blink of an eye. The other series has built-in features like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon prime, and many others that you may even customize by deleting or by making additional new apps that buyers can easily download from the google play store. These are the qualities that justify the Android TV price and possess some great reviews from customers. The feature of wireless file transferring also justifies the Android TV price that made it possible for customers to transfer media wirelessly with the availability of Bluetooth in all MULTYNET Tv models. You can also utilize other features of MULTYNET’s Android TVs like the HDMI and USB ports for transferring files from your tv to phones. It further justifies the point of Android TV prices for consumers.

Best Android TV Models at Best Prices

MULTYNET’s Android TV series have the extraordinary features we discussed above. The price of QA7 android tv in Pakistan is RS. 129,900 for 65 inches and goes up like RS. 239,900 for 75 inches TV.

The Android TV price for the 32 NX7 series is RS. 38,900 only, 43 NX7 series certified android TV price is for RS. 55,900 only, 50 inches NX7 55 series certified android TV price is for RS. 79,900 only, and the bigger NX7 series certified android TV price can go up to RS. 85,900 only.

The alternate options for MULTYNET’s Android TVs are as follows. For the SU7 series certified android TVs price (43SU7) is RS 60,900. For those looking for Android TVs on lesser budgets, they can go for a 32-inch BL100 led tv from MULTYNET which incorporates all the core features like USB ports, HDMI cable ports, VGA cable ports, headphones ports along with a full HD screen in just RS. 29,900.

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