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The amazing features of smart LED TV, which make your life better

We are living in a technology driven world. The rapid progress in the field of information technology has transformed the world into a global village in true sense of the word. The industry, which this phenomena influenced the most, is entertainment industry by modifying the means of entertainment such as turning a TV into a smart LED TV. Since, its invention, television has been a major source of entertainment, and not only entertainment but a mass communicator. Today, the smart LED TV is not only used for recreational purpose or to stay updated, but is fully capable of managing your home also, and this is a technological wonder. Let’s discuss some of the amazing features of a smart LED TV, which makes your life better.

Google home, the amazing application making your life better by managing your home for you

There are a number of companies which provide smart LED TVs in the market, having all the smart features instilled. We all are aware of Google home, this is the application which allows you to manage your home. The ample research and development in artificial intelligence, has introduced the concept of smart living, today we have smart refrigerators which order food themselves, when any item is about to end, we have smart ovens, which adjust their temperature according to the food it’s going to cook. We have smart washing machines which sense the garment it’s going to wash and then do it accordingly. The Google home feature of the smart LED TV allows you to connect all these artificially intelligent gadgets with it and then control them through the best LED TV at your home. How amazing it is!

The certified Netflix, YouTube and Prime video are broadening the horizon of entertainment

Today the smart LED TVs have broaden the horizon of entertainment by having certified Netflix, YouTube and Prime video. The LED TV online feature enables you to access all the best global content available on these international streaming engines. Now you can watch all your favorite international series and movies from the comfort of your couch. These international streaming engines aid in creating harmony in world by acting as a cultural exchange agent.

Smart LED TV

The built-in features take away all the hassle from you

The smart LED TVs mostly come with built-in chromecast, Bluetooth, satellite receiver and digital tuner. With built-in chromecast the users don’t have to do the hassle of connecting an external chromecast device with the smart LED TV in order to connect other external devices like, mobile phones, laptops, tablets and if there is some gamer than joysticks. The built-in Bluetooth facilitates you with connecting up to five devices at a time. The best LED TVs catch all the local frequencies and display them in next to perfect results with built-in satellite receiver and digital tuner.

Multynet is making sensations in the market

Multynet is one of the brands, which provide best LED TVs in the market, and the smart LED TV price is economical that anyone could easily afford them. Multynet started off recently, from a dream once seen in a small shop of electronics located in the famous Shah Alam market at the heart of Lahore. The dream was to be one of its kind electronic brand, which could have a name for itself and for the country. Today, Multynet is a well-known name, and seeing where it is standing today, you believe in your dreams a little more, and have the courage to chase your goals, as nothing is impossible to achieve if you work hard to achieve it.

Three new series of smart LED TVs

Multynet has been talk of the town with its three new series of smart LED TVs, which are instilled with all the latest features, few of them are discussed in the article. The names of the series are SU7, NX7 and QA7. The SU7 and NX7 series are available in four different sizes from 32” inches to 55” inches, whereas the QA7 series is available in only two but large sizes of 65” inches and 75” inches.

smart led tv price

Amazing visuals and sounds along with upgraded specifications   

All the three series have 4K picture resolution and DOLBY audio, together they give impeccable TV watching experience. The series have 1.5 GB RAM and 8 GB ROM, which makes the smart LED TVs efficient enough to perform multiple tasks at same time. The series happen to have the best LED TVs in Pakistan, with all the features instilled, as discussed earlier.

The amazing voice control feature

Apart from these features the series have the amazing voice control feature, which enables you to control the smart LED TV with your voice, all you have to do is to utter the name of your favorite show and it will be displayed on the smart LED TV screen, making you feel like some wizard from Harry Potter.

You can always do LED TV online shopping from Multynet’s e-commerce store and have the best LED TV in Pakistan delivered at your doorstep with no delivery charges.

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