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The Astonishing Features of the Best Android TV

The era of advancement in the LED television market symbolizes the experience of connectivity and interactivity for its customers, who can now use both the television and the internet in a single device. The market is flooded with the advanced features of the best android TV. A proper awareness guide about the astonishing features of the best android TV is needed so that customers would be able to make an informed decision while upgrading an LED TV. This article will take you beyond your imagination with the astonishing features. Read on more to become familiar with all the important specs and features. 

Contrast Ratio

The first feature that needs your attention is the contrast ratio. The contrast ratio is basically a difference between the darkest black and brightest white a TV can produce. It is the important factor that you have to look for. As a consumer when you go for a purchase it’s difficult for you to find out which display has the best contrast ratio. When you go to purchase the store, the owner did not tell you about the contrast ratio in the Best Android TV. The different manufacturers of android TVs do not use the same measuring methods. The best way to know about it is to review it written by experts and users before you make any mistakes. 


The resolution in best Android TVs is the number of pixels packed on a screen. More the pixels the sharper the image is going to be. The resolution of the best android TVs starts from 720p moves to 1080p going up to 8.3 million pixels for 4kUHD TVs. One has to look closely to differentiate between the best Android TV options.   


Before buying the android TV first count the number of devices that you want to connect with, and make sure these LED TVs have your desired ports. USB ports and SD cards are nice options to display photos on a bigger screen. 

Smart TV

 Online streaming of videos on Netflix and Amazon is the future of watching TV. Use this upgrade and advanced opportunity to buy the best Android TV. All the best android TVs will have built-in support for the major streaming services, music streaming, and even for games. Be sure you try out all the features of the best android that are easy for you and your family to use. 

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Refresh Rate

All the LED TVs in store make a big deal about the refresh rate. It is the number of frames per second, the best android TV can display. Earlier TVs had 60 seconds refresh rate per second, but now the best android TVs can provide you with 120 and 240 HZ. It is advisable to avoid a 60Hz refresh rate. As a consumer when you are going to buy the best Android TV you must be clear in your mind about what you want to purchase. The technology used in Android TV produces fine images and high-definition video quality that does not blur and gives you a realistic picture for an unmatched viewing experience.

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