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Tips for buying Best Smart LED TV

There are few tricks and hacks that are really valuable before buying smart led tv sets from markets. They ensure that the decision made are favorable in the long term and suits you according to your needs. That’s what this article is all about i.e., to help readers have the best outcome. After the decline of simple plasma TVs, buying modern tech-integrated smart led TVs has become complex for buyers. But after reading these recommendations, you’ll feel much more confident to make a right decision for yourself.


Best Screen Size Considerations for Smart LED TV

Screen size is one of the top factors to see when buying the Best Smart LED TV. In the electronics markets, you can find sizes ranging from 20 inches up to 90 plus inches. But this really depends on where you would be placing your smart LED Tv. Sizes could vary for tv lounges and for rooms. For settling this, consider your viewing distance in advance. But you must be thinking that how to calculate this distance, right? Here’s a rule of thumb given below for your ease:
For a viewing distance of 6 to 8 ft. a tv size of 32 inches is advised, similarly for 8-11 ft. and 11 to 13 ft., screen sizes should be 50 inches and 55 inches respectively. For 13 to 15 ft. 60 inches size is recommended and for 15 ft. above 65 inches tv size would be suitable and so on.


Deciding Between HD & Ultra HD (4K) Smart LED TVs

An HD smart led tv set has 1920*1080p resolution horizontal by vertical. It means, in a typical HD led tv, there’re around 2 million pixels which are, in simple words, the dots that defines picture quality and determines the clarity and clearness in your visuals. 4K TVs are ultra-HD Tv sets with screen resolution 3840*2160 pixels. This means deeper picture detail, vivid colors and crystal-clear images to enjoy a perfect entertainment experience. The 4K smart LED TVs are gaining more popularity day by day but also they are higher in terms of pricing. But the pricing at the end of the day justifies everything. If its budget friendly then it’s strongly recommended that you should go for 4k smart led tv sets as you don’t buy high-ticket products every single day but only once in a while. Buying a smart led tv means choosing somethings for years to come. No one compromise on quality entertainment in this era of Netflix and online streaming platforms.


Perfect Viewing Angle For Watching TV

Different smart LED TVs of brands have different maximum viewing angle. When buying an led tv, try to look for one that offers maximum view angel. To check the exact viewing angle of a TV, move towards the sides, away from the center of the screen. The point at which you start experiencing dim images, less contrast visuals and decreased colors, consider it the maximum viewing angle of that smart LED TV. Try to avoid LED sets with minimal viewing angels for best choice and to save yourself from regrets when watching TV with friends and family.

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