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Here’s Why 55 Inch Smart TV is the perfect Addition to Home Entertainment

There are many things you need to consider before purchasing the right Smart TV for your home. The number of trends in the LED TV market can be overwhelming but MULTYNET is here to demystify these trends so, you can make the right buying decision for you and your family. It might amaze you how much the LED TV market is evolving every day. This is why we are here to tell you how the MULTYNET 55 Inch Smart TV can bring ease to your living. First of all, the 55 Inch Smart TV is innovation personified. This is because MULTYNET has designed keeping in view of the seamless viewing experience that will elevate your home entertainment. Want to know how? Let’s find out

Get your Hands on the Ultimate Feature Pack with 55 Inch Smart TV

The 55 Inch Smart TV by MULTYNET comes with a multitude of functionalities which like any Smart LED TV has functions that are similar to your own personal computer or phone. This TV comes with powerful and ample RAM which ensures high performance at all times.

Moreover, MULTYNET has designed it with Android operating system which makes it possible for you to stream movies and TV shows on all major streaming sites as you would on your personal computer. With recent trends of watching streaming services, the need for the 55 Inch Smart TV has increased exponentially. MULTYNET is one such brand that adapts quickly to the latest trends and thus, released its series of Smart TV that is the perfect TV for accessible entertainment.

Let’s take a look at the features of the latest 55 Inch Smart TV which make it the best choice for your home entertainment:

Google Assistant

MULTYNET is accessibility redefined because it allows users to use control their Smart TV with their voice control feature. This way, whether it is changing channels or searching for your next show or just checking the weather, you can easily do so with this voice control feature.

Ease of Connectivity

The reason why MULTYNET TV ranges are considered the best in market is the ability to connect via different ports like HDMI and USB ports to connect different devices. You can also connect your phones and tablet via Bluetooth to share and play videos.

Access to Extensive Apps in Google Play

Google Play is a must have if you truly want to stay connected to the world but now, you can access all of your favorite shows and movies. With our 55 Inch Smart TV, you can get access to other popular applications like Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video and many others. This is why our Smart TV will make the best home entertainment for you.

Gaming Galore for Enthusiasts

Every latest model of MULTYNET Android TV come with a feature that is exciting news for gamers. Often times, gamers complain that they cannot play games on their LED TV because of low quality visual and low definition. This is why MULTYNET has developed Smart TV range so, you can even use your own phone as a controller via Chromecast or you can connect your gamepads via Bluetooth.

Breathtaking Visuals

If it’s a 55 Inch Smart TV, then one thing is for sure that you want breathtaking visuals that matches the one you got to experience at the movie theater. This is exactly how we have designed our Smart TV. Designed with 4K high definition, you will be able to view every detail and contrast on your TV.

Additional Settings

MULTYNET LED TV’s also come with base stand and wall mount bracket so, you can adjust according to your desire. Although we have the Google assistant feature, the 55 Inch Smart TV comes with a remote control as well. Whether you are looking for voice control or find it better to use the remote control, MULTYNET sets come with complete equipment.

Expect Impeccable Customer Service with MULTYNET

MULTYNET is a class apart for reasons that go beyond the technological functionalities of its products and world class innovation. We take extra care of our customer after sales so, that our product continues to add to their lives. When you are choosing your new and improved Smart TV, it should come from a brand that truly understands that it is never easy to resolve technical difficulties on your own. MULTYNET is your go-to place for an excellent customer service.

When you are looking for the best Smart TV in the market, make sure that you go through the Our Website as well to thoroughly check out your options. Do not miss out on our latest LED TV range and make sure you check out the extensive features so, you can make an informed decision about your next purchase.

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