Busting The Myths About LED TV that Might Confuse the Consumers When They Go for Buying

Are you looking for cheap LED TV? Android Smart LED TV? No matter what you choose the basic LED TV myths might haunt you. Which LED TV would you choose? Which size would be suitable for you? What would be best suited for your place? No matter what you choose what size you adopt the myths about the LED TV might haunt you even after you ­­made the right purchase. Android 40 Inch LED TV is the most purchased LED TVs in the market however you may find many other options in the market so we are here to bust out your myths about the LED TV features and their sizes.

LED TV has no benefits besides the app:

No, it’s not like that LED TV with a 40-inch size offers a lot more than just apps.  You can have access to a local media channel by connecting a suitable cable network or attaching the USB service to the USB port. This enables your 40-inch LED TV to share the content where you want to and view it easily. You can also make your LED TV with a 40-inch size or can be any size to connect it with other devices from the HDMI and USB ports.

If we talk about the other features of the 40-inch LED TV the picture and the sound quality it offers are unmatchable, it enhances your viewing entertainment experience. Even you can play your video games such as play station or Xbox on your 40-inch LED TV with a unique experience.

40-inch LED TV can be used with Amazon Alexa and Google Home:

Besides other features, you can connect your 40-inch LED TV to Amazon Alexa and google home which makes you enable to connect with the television and speakers with your voice commands. This connectivity feature on your 40-inch LED TV requires no special hardware setups but just needs a few setting changes and you will all be set to command your smart TV to obey you.

It is better to buy a Smart TV than a set-top box with a cheaper TV:

Most people fear buying cheaper LED TVs it may prove helpful for you if you buy a cheap LED TV with a set-top box than the best brand LED TV. But if you need much better entertainment then the LED TV is the answer. As it has great picture quality, HD resolution, and powerful sound.

LED TV is watching you:

It’s a myth about the LED TV that your TV is watching you. This is not happening when you are sitting in your lounge and the LED TV is watching you but yes it can be used for spying on your activities if affected by malware. LED TV regularly sends signals to the manufacturers for enhancing your experience, saving your watch history and other useful information.

You can watch local channels on LED TV:

The other myth about the LED TV is that you can watch local channels with internet connections. You can enjoy many local channels as you want on your  LED TV.

LED TV has replaced the cable:

LED TV has replaced cable but it depends on you which type of channels are you interested in because most of the local channels have introduced their streaming apps and YouTube channels through which you can enjoy the local content and other media services. Shortly, the cable might be replaced by LED TV.

Cable or Broadband are required with LED TV:

The cable and broadband connection on the LED TV depends on you. If you want to stick to local channels, you’ll need a cable subscription. Whereas if you want access to the internet-based application and features of the LED TV then you can go with a broadband connection and enjoy.

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Experience the best picture quality and sound with Your 40-inch LED TV:

Not all LED TVs display a breath-taking and real-based picture. Sound quality it depends on the model of your LED TV.

The MULTYNET LED TV is smart enough due to its dynamic features and picture quality. Sound quality with Dolby Digital Sound.

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