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Best Android LED TV in 2022

Android technology is one of the most sought-after technologies that people demand now a days. It is famous not just in the smart phone domains, but also in the industry of best LED TVs in 2022. Google shut down google TV in 2014 and since then, android has continuously spread its name like a fire in the forest. The main drawback in the google tv was lack of apps. But the facility of google apps in android TVs to download unlimited apps have completely changed the game for best Android LED TV In 2022. Manufacturers and developers have fully utilized the technology in the TV industry just like the smart mobile industry. Here’s everything you need to know about android led tv and its related technology which can be useful in 2022.


Android LED TV In 2022 And It’s Working

Android led tv is simple to use which can be learnt & used even by a child. The first interface is the Home Screen which is usually filled with content from the popular apps. This makes you easily choose and discover the topics that you like or often relates with your interest. This content can be anything ranging from YouTube videos to from websites or apps visited by you. You can nearly visit any app through your best android led tv in 2022 like Netflix for world class tv shows, seasons & movies. You can even listen to music on Spotify by installing related apps in your tv systems. On the other hand, there is option of changing and selecting the TV inputs like for HDMI-1 AND HDMI-2 ports that allows you to control your tv system according to needs.


Voice Search Technology   

A great feature that has a huge impact in the industry of best android led tv in 2022 is provision of google assistant. This means that your voice command would be supported by android led tv systems to perform certain tasks for you. All you need is the availability of required hardware through which tv system can hear you. Best Android LED TV in 2022 has sensors to hear and recognize your voice and follow properly the instructions. For instance, you can voice search for your favorite movie through movie name like ‘Lord of the Rings’. The android technology will give you results not only from web but also from different apps like amazon prime or YouTube.

Similarly, you may voice search your favorite music playlists on your tv system that would provide results will all comfort, ease and speed to save your time and effort. This is amazing when we observe that technology has advanced so high, and we are not talking about just mobile or computer systems but a whole android Tv system. That system even allow you to control home-lightings with your voice through internet of things technology that works using the connected WI-FI system to do this through your best LED TV’s in 2022.


Playing Games In Your TV Systems

Do you know that you can even play offline, single player & multiplayer games on your best Android LED TVs in 2022? Your Tv system would show you list of all the downloaded games from which you can choose accordingly. Moreover, google play saves your game progress so that if you were playing game previously on your tab and then later choose to play on your TV, then your game level and achievements would remain the same.


Where To Buy From?

Multynet, a home entertainment and consumer electronics brand, is providing Pakistan’s Best Android LED TVs with a distinction of being well advanced with all modern technologies inside their Electronic TV sets to satisfy your needs, providing you with an ultimate home entertainment system with their all-in-one Android LED TV packages which are certified by Android.

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