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Busting the Smart TV Myths

Android TV? Android Smart TV? LED Android Smart TV? Which ones your pick? No matter what you choose the basic Smart TV myths might haunt you even after you have made the right purchase. Android Smart TVs are the most purchased and likes Smart TVs, however, one may find many other options around the market. So here we are all ready to bust out some common myths about Smart TVs that have been haunting people now and then!

Smart TV has no benefits besides app

No! apps are merely accessible via the internet but besides these Smart TV has to offer a lot more. One can access local media by connecting a suitable cable network or attaching a USB device into the USB port. This enables you to share content from anywhere to your television and view it. Similarly, Smart TV can be connected to various other devices from the HDMI and USB ports, it can also serve as a big monitor screen for your computer system or laptop.

Besides this, the picture and sound quality offered by a Smart TV is unmatchable, it surely enhances the overall entertainment experience. Even playing video games such as PlayStation or Xbox on a Smart TV is a unique experience.

Smart TV can be used with Amazon Alexa and Google Home

Yes! Smart TVs can be connected to Amazon Alexa and Google Home which enables you to control the television and speakers with your voice commands. The connectivity requires no special hardware setups but just a few setting changes and you will be all set to command your Smart TV to obey you.

Smart TV is better than using set-top boxes such as Roku, Apple TV, Google Chromecast or Amazon Fire TV

Set-top box in comparison to an all in one Smart TV is relatively an economical option. Although set-top boxes whether Roku, Apple TV, Google Chromecast or Amazon Fire TV, do not essentially enhance the picture or sound quality. Also, in most cases, A set-top box does not allow an Ethernet connection, unlike a Smart TV. Despite this, a set-top box can provide any television with updated software and a lot more apps than a Smart TV. Hence, if you are looking for a great experience and not just entertainment options than a Smart TV should be your pick over any set-top box.

It is better to buy a Smart TV than a set-top box with a cheaper TV

The previous myth almost explains what it is like to have a cheaper TV set with a set-top box than a Smart TV. If you want another hardware to enhance your entertainment experience with a few cables attach then do choose a set-top box, but if you are up for a much better entertainment experience than Smart TV is the answer. Great picture quality, HD resolution, aesthetics and powerful sound is what a Smart TV offers besides just apps.

Smart TV is watching you

No, a Smart TV cannot literally watch you wandering through your lounge but yes it can be used for spying your activities if affected by malware. A Smart TV also sends regular signals to the manufacturers and manufacturers for enhancing your experience thus, saving your watch history and other useful information.

Smart TV lets you surf the internet

Yes, Smart TV does allow universal search as it often comes with a built-in browser and opens you up to app stores. But this solely depends on the model that you have and what it has to offer.

We can watch local channels on a Smart TV

Yes! Internet connectivity does not affect the television’s ability to access local channels via a cable network or dish. You can enjoy as many local channels as you want to.

Smart TV has replaced the cable

This absolutely depends on what type of content are you interested in watching. Many local channels have now also introduced their streaming apps and YouTube channels through which you can enjoy the local content alongside the OTT media services. Hence, the cable might be replaced by Smart TVs in the near future, but we cannot obviously say it as a complete replacement as not everyone can afford a Smart TV.

Cable or Broadband are required with a Smart TV

This yet again depends on the choice of content that you prefer to watch. If you want to stick to the local channels, you will need a cable subscription, whereas if you are good to go with the internet-based applications and features of the Smart TV, you may just connect it with broadband and enjoy.

Smart TV provides the best picture quality and sound

Not all Smart TVs display a breath-taking picture quality and astonishing sound, it clearly depends on the model that you have. A Smart TV is smart due to its connectivity and other dynamic features and not just the picture quality as it may differ on high-end models especially in the age of 4K and 8K resolutions with Dolby Digital sounds. However, Smart TVs are a great example of built-in convenience.

With this, we come to the end of busting ten common myths about Smart TVs! You are now all set to fight back the Smart TV myths.


Get ready to break through the ten common myths related to Smart TVs. There is a lot that you know but there is a lot that we will help you understand. Smart TVs are smart connected televisions that enhance your entertainment experience by opening you up to the world of the internet. This means access to multiple apps especially apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime and much more. But aren’t set-top boxes with a cheaper tv a better option than an all-in-one Smart TV? We will bust all such myths about Smart TVs and much more in this article!

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