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Android LED TV is the Future of Television

With the advancement in virtual and augmented reality, no one can make a guess about what is the future and in which direction the technology will go. These are the concerns that leave us with questions in our minds about what will happen to television in the future. We think with time they will obsolete and forgotten. But it’s not the case that television sets are improving so much with time from plasma TVs to LCDs to finally smart Android LED TV.  LED TVs are the latest technology that is available locally.

These Android LED TVs came in many resolutions from HD to 4k which has 4000 pixels. Despite the remarkable resolutions today we are not only focused on resolution. There are also other features that need our consideration.

In this article, we will highlight the five reasons why Android Tv is the future of Television.

Operators are Embracing the Platform

If we talk about operators of Android LED TV in 2016 there were only three operators that used Android LED TV that number grew to 100 in by the end of 2018. In 2019 the head of Android LED TV said that tens of millions of people globally own Android devices most of them were from Europe and Asia. In 2019 the number of operators grown in tremendous way and still they are grown recently.  Even the big business brands have seen potential and investing in it.

Easily Customizable UI

The other reason that makes the android LED TV the future television is that it gives its users the best big screen experience. The platform material design is built on 10-foot UI concept so that it can be readable from 2.5 to 3 meters away for its users. It provides its users relaxation in watching their favorite shows and everything they want to see without interruptions. With the passage of time, it also starts to show only those things that might be interesting for the users.

Google Assistant

The current trend in market is the voice control feature of Android LED TV that users can easily interact with other devices. Al technology in Android devices helps home appliances to hear and understand what we say. That enhanced the diversity of commands available to improve the quality of life for the users. The google assistant feature in android devices look the content in all apps, control the home appliances, you can play music, it answers your questions by using the feature. It changes the way the users consume content.

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Google Play Store

The other feature that specifies the reason why the Android LED TV is the future of Television is its app ecosystem. Play store provide a wider range of content to its users. For the bigger screen its amount exceeds to 5000 game and app titles. It supports the games and Bluetooth gamepads.

Smart Home Solution

The Android LED TV is a smart home solution for its users because you can control your home appliances through this only with voice control feature installed in it.  Chromecast technology also provide you the easy and durable services. through this feature you can convert your data from a small screen into a bigger one by sitting on your couch. You can give commands to your devices. Whatever you want to search and see you can do it easily.

MULTYNET is always adopt all the current and updated features in their Android TVs to make it more useful and easier for its users. the well-known brand make life easier for its consumers with its outclass and well-crafted services.

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