Upgraded Specifications of MULTYNET 50-Inch LED TV

The electronic market is full of LED TVs but no one can match the features provided by MULTYNET LED TVs. MULTYNET is a well-known brand that provides its consumers with the best features due to its supreme quality products. The other thing that makes MULTYNET the top brand is its economical price. You don’t need to look in your pocket before buying the LED TV from MULTYNET. This article will highlight the best and upgraded features of the MULTYNET 50-inch LED TV that is known in the market due to its flawless features.

The 50-inch LED TV of MULTYNET provides its customers the best visuals as they have technology instilled. Which gives the 4k quality picture along with the DOLBY Audio feature. It ensures the clarity of vision with sound so that you can have a watching experience like never before. You can experience the slightest and minute sound and the quality of the picture on a 50-Inch LED TV takes you to the real world that you are actually living in the scenario.

The Upgraded specifications of 50-Inch LED TV:

The upgraded features of the 50-inch LED TV that makes it best among the users are that it is instilled with 1.5 GB RAM and 8GB ROM in the series. This advanced installation makes it speedy and efficient to perform multiple tasks at one time.

50-Inch LED and Reach to Global Content:

The concept of entertainment completely changed with the advancement in technology and inventions in various streaming engines.  People have now approached global content. The world is in the hands of the users, they have access to international content wherever and whenever required. MULTYNET understand the need of the consumers that’s why it produced its 50-Inch LED TV with NETFLIX, YouTube, And Amazon Prime.

50-inch LED TV with Built-In Features to Make Your Life Better:

When the LED TV was introduced in the market you had to connect an external Chromecast device with the LED TVs to connect with other devices like mobile phones, joysticks, laptops, or any other device you want. But now you don’t need an external device to connect. Your 50-inch LED TV has a built-in feature Chromecast makes it easier for you to connect with the desired devices.  Apart from this 50-inch LED TV built-in Bluetooth enables you to connect with other five devices at one time. All series of the MULTYNET LED TV series to catch all the local frequencies and display them with astounding results due to satellite built-in.

Availability Of International entertainment platforms:

The 50-inch LED TV comes with certified Netflix, YouTube, and Prime Video. The advancement in technology transformed the world as people witnessed the international streaming engines. People are now more inclined toward global content. This provides the ease of watching your favourite international shows from your couch.

The power of your voice:

MULTYNET ”50” LED TV has a voice control feature. Now you can control your LED TV with your voice just by ordering them. You just have to take the name of your favourite show you want to watch and it was displayed on your screen.

All of the series support the Google home application:

Artificial intelligence made its place everywhere. Google home is the application that enables you to control all the gadgets that are artificially intelligent. You can switch off or on your oven to cook everything by using the LED TV hanging on your wall.

Sleekest Design That Beautifies Your Home Ambiance:

MULTYNET LED TV is not only a technological wonder but also beautifies the interior of your home. They are the sleekest looking that look appealing even when they are off.

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Online Shopping Of 50-Inch LED TV:

MULTYNET is one of the top brands that value the comfort of its customers. Hence the LED TV series range is fully displayed on its e-commerce store. You can place your order right away and the LED TV with a two-year warranty will be delivered to your door.

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