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Best Android TV And How Do It Work

In 2014, Google TV was shut down due to some bigger reasons which were later seen when the android TV was founded. The promising features of android tv and its technology as we see today was maybe the vision that google was looking to come up with. Now, after some developing years in the field of Best Android TV, Google’s decision was justified. The industry of top android led tv systems is breaking all the previous sales record with some of the best inventions of the century. It has taken the customer entertainment experience to the next level. This blog highlights these newly innovated technologies, especially for those who are unfamiliar with the latest specs and advantages that these Best Android TV provide to it’s buyers.

Working of Best Android TV

Ease of Use, Online Streaming & Apps System

In simple words, android tv is designed in a way that lets you enjoy things on your Led TVs just like you used to do in your tv systems. By this, we mean the Interaction with your led TVs and navigation to different tabs and modes on your systems. But this doesn’t mean that you can call your friends through it or send your emails with it. Its domain revolves around the world of entertainment only. For instance, we have streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube to watch your favorite movies, tv shows and videos on big screens. Android developers make sure that they keep updating the system so that customers can feel the true premium entertainment experience without any hassle. This happens with the Google play store app stored on your tv systems.

Downloading & Playing Online Gaming

A point to be noted here is this that, entertainment in these best LED TVs is not just limited to movies, tv shows or music. You can even download your favorite games online on these systems and play them on multiple modes with their friends and family members.

Voice Control Technology

Other than this, you can use amazing voice control technology which is google assistant feature. It’s used to search, find movies, songs and other files stored on your best android tv systems which is quick and time-saving. Its really easy to use even for kids that seems to use them better than adults now a days. Such technology was first used in smart phones and smart watches but now it’s been integrated in best android TVs available in the market.

Excellent User Interface

Discovery of your content and workability is the most important factors that make any tv system acceptable or neglectable to mass audience. On android LED TV, the first thing you see on your tv is the interface. On the search bar, you can simply search for anything on your tv like movies etc. Later based on your search, you’ll start seeing your interest-based suggested content on the front. Therefore, It becomes easy to choose and watch what you really want right from the start.

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