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In a world where new innovations and inventions are made daily, electronic system manufacturers need to be at the top of their game in order to stay with times or get overtaken by someone else. In such a world MULTYNET checks all the boxes when it comes to being considered the best or one of the best. Let’s take a look at some of the aspects of one of its top-notch Android TV sets the Android TV 75QA7.

Features Of Android TV

When searching for good Android TVs we need to look at the features they provide, the different features that need to be looked at are as follows:

  • Resolution
  • Processor
  • Rom and Ram


This particular Android TV is a 4K quality resolution television set, this means it has one of the best resolutions a local available TV set could have. Although there are television sets that give better resolution, they are not readily available in the market. But from those that are this set can be considered the best one you can get.


The processor of your Android TV set is also very important as the better the processor the smoother the TV will run in terms of applications and switching between channels. No lag means no irritation for your viewing pleasure. The MULTYNET Certified Android TV set 75QA7 has a Quad core processor, which means that you will receive the smoothest experience when using our TV set.


Since Smart TVs have the ability to download applications it requires a storage memory, that is why the ROM and the RAM needs to be a lot so that it can incorporate those applications and run them properly. The MULTYNET Android TV set has 8GB ROM and 1.5GB RAM which is substantial for your application needs.


Other features that are included in the MULTYNET smart tv sets is that of built-in features, such as built-in Chromecast which removes the need to get a separate device for Chromecast or getting an HDMI cable. Now you can connect your mobile phones and laptop to the TV screen as soon as you buy and setup the TV set.
Besides Chromecast latest television sets also have access to applications that give you the ability to see the latest shows and movies, such as YouTube and Amazon Prime. Along with this there is also a built-in satellite receiver which makes sure that local channels come to your TV set without any noise or breakage. Clear and clean signal receiving with the satellite receiver.


There are also other MULTYNET TV sets that are available for different prices. They will be different than the 75QA7 however they are still certified Android TVs with their own features that make them stand out from the rest. You can take a look at all of them at the MULTYNET website along with all of their individual features made clear so that there is no ambiguity.

Customer Service

Customer Service of the company also matters as the company that has good customer service will also be ahead of others within the market, people flock towards those companies that cater to their customers in the most perfect manner. The customer service provided by MULTYNET is exactly like that as they handle everything from transporting to installing of your television sets, during that entire process the customer care and support team is always ready to provide any assistance required. You can be sure that you will be aware of everything that will be going on once you have made your Android TV set purchase. This is also part of the reason that MULTYNET is considered one of the best companies that produce LED TVs.


With all the above features and advantages taken into account for MULTYNET it can be clearly seen how it is changing the Android LED TV market, by adapting, innovating and changing according to the times. Adapting to the ever-changing market is what MULTYNET does and it is because of that particular reason that it is succeeding in the market.

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