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How You Can Give Commands to Your 32 Inch Android TV

Technology advancement put Google’s step in the way of TV. Android TV is a google mobile operating system that has been specially configured for TVs. But this description does not help you find out how amazing the features of the android TV 32-inch are. 

You can utilize the amazing features of the 32 Inch Android TV by simply giving commands sitting on your couch. It puts our focus on helping to discover the content whether it is from your subscribed services like Netflix, Amazon, Prime Video, or your own personal media collection. 

You can access the google play app store, where you can find thousands of apps that are specifically designed for the 10-foot experience. you don’t want to struggle to read tiny text that only works when you can swipe with the finger

The other embedded feature is Google assistant which gives you voice control for your TV content. The Chromecast technology in Android TV 32-inch is Google’s Chromecast technology that let you cast videos and initiate screen sharing from your smartphones, browsers, and apps. 

The Commands That you Give to Your 32 Inch Android TV

You can command your TV by using its google assistant feature by simply sitting on your sofa. For example, if you want to play “Stranger Things on Netflix” will only work if you have a subscription to Netflix. However, you can give multiple commands such as:

  • Play Some Jazz Music
  • You Can Play, Pause and Resume your video while watching. 
  • Louder and Softer for volume control
  • Open to open your installed app
  • Tell me about The Witcher series. 

You can use the following commands like this for operating your TV. 

The Most Popular App

The maximum number of users know about the most popular app of the 32 Inch Android TV which is NETFLIX, the most popular streaming media platform. You can find most of the other major streaming services too. These are Amazon Prime Video apps but it does not provide us with options for recommendations and continues watching. There are also other lesser-known apps worth installing these are HULU + Live TV, Kodi, and Plex. Hulu + Live TV is simply unavailable to Android TV users. But Kodi and Plex can organize your data into an easy-to-navigate interface.

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Is Android TV the Same on Every Device or TV?

When two computers aren’t alike, the same is the case with the 32 Inch Android TV also not available as the same in every device. The picture calibration setting and the option for watching Live over the air HDTV can differ from one device to another. MULTYNET always cares about its customers and provides its users with all the latest and best versions to make their buying experience worthwhile. It also provides its users with friendly payment policies with zero interest rates.

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