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Top Most Inspiring Features Of 55 Inch LED TV

We all have advanced systems of LED TVs but we are unaware of how to utilize different features in different situations in need. People use older methods even if they have luxury items in their hands due to their insufficient knowledge and incapability of using them properly. In this article, we will highlight all the smart and best features of a 55 Inch LED TV that you can use in different situations. You can use your 55-inch LED TV for different tasks whether you are performing tasks in the office, or entertaining yourself at home and also you can connect your smart devices with these LED TVs due to their latest features.

Top Specification to Check in 55 Inch LED TV

Picture Resolution

If we talk about the resolution of a 55-inch LED TV the customer can choose anything from 720 Pixels LED TVs to 4k resolution ones.

Audio Quality

For the best audio quality in 55-inch LED TVs Dolby Vision supports are usually recommended for the best sound experiences.

Smart Technology

The advanced and smart features can’t be compromised. The most exciting feature of the modern era is 55-inch LED TVs that allow you to use the web for enjoying unlimited online streaming through your TVs.

Connecting Your Mobiles With TV

Before the entry of smart technology into the market, it was complicated for everyone to connect their LED TV with their smart devices like smartphones and laptops. But this could have been possible with a Bluetooth technology connection but for that feature to use the TV must have to be updated. The other method to connect your 55-inch LED TV with the laptop is the use of VGA cables that were mainly part of Laptop systems and were used for getting laptop screens to big screens. There are multiple reasons to make these connections when you want to watch your photos and videos with your family and friends.

Now we have the latest technology with faster innovation in technology. Chromecast is the latest innovation in the market that can readily connect your device and you don’t need Bluetooth technology. It can mirror your mobile phone with the 55-inch LED TV. After making a connection you can watch your favorite songs, movies, and video games from your smartphone on a bigger screen.


Connecting Mobiles and Non-Smart LED TV’S

The electronic market in Pakistan has both smart and non-smart 55-inch LED TVs. You can use both these options in several ways to make connections and transfer the files to the TV systems.

USB Cables

If you have USB cables then you can use them by connecting one end of the cable to the LED TV port and the other to your mobile phone. Both faces must be different and also correctly attached. After establishing a connection with your 55-inch LED TV you can watch your movies, and mobile photos, right on your LED TV screens.

Micro HDMI

In case you don’t have a USB cable then you can utilize the second option of connecting it with HDMI Cables. Most 55-inch LED TVs to have these options that can establish your connection and help to transfer your files with great and protected quality. According to the expert point of view, HDMI is the most advanced feature than the USB cable due to greater retention of data and high-speed transfer. You can order micro-HDMI cables from your nearest mobile and electronic shop.


MULTYNET is one of the top home entertainment brands for buying 55-inch LED TVs. Because it incorporates most of the above-mentioned features that will change your world of entertainment. These LED TVs bring out the most outstanding experience for their consumers. For more details, you can jump on to MULTYNET’s Website.

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