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Master Your Best Android TV in Pakistan by Remote Features

Access to global information is the need of the hour and android Tv s make it easy for its users. Now users can add further comfort to their entertainment by setting major playlists on their home screens. It can master your Best Android TV In Pakistan by adding more comfort to your entertainment need. This article will help you to master your best Android TVs in Pakistan by utilizing their remote features and specs.

Set up your favorites

Save your time with the best Android TVs in Pakistan. Now you can put your favorite apps on the top home screen. To do this you have required two setups.  

Add the new apps to the list by scrolling to the end of the row and hitting the + button. 

If you want to remove an app, long-press the select button. 

Add Channel rows

The best feature of the best Android TVs in Pakistanis the ability to browse the content from different apps straight from the home screen. You can make it even better by customizing these rows to only show the apps you care about the most. 

You can do it by scrolling to the bottom of the screen and selecting choose channels. 

Install apps remotely

To make your work best you can send apps to your best Android TVs in Pakistan from any web browser instead of navigating the Google Play store. You just head to the google play store, search for an app, and on the app listing page, select install.  Just choose your Android TV device from the list, and the app you will select starts to show up on your TV moments later.

Faster Navigation on Your Best Android TVs in Pakistan

Use voice control

With the advanced voice control feature in the best Android TVs in Pakistan, you can quickly search for content, and launch movies, and also you can tune in to specific live channels. Hit the voice-over button to select your desired content.

View your apps list

You can also view your apps list in your best android TVs in Pakistan. Depending on the version you use you can pull up the full apps list by either scrolling to the apps tab or you can click all apps button from your favorite rows. 

Cast from your phone

The best Android TVs in Pakistan have Chromecast built-in, by using this feature you can launch videos and music from your phone, tablet, and browser. You just have to tap the cast icon in supported apps and then select your Android TV device from the playback menu.

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Connect a smart speaker

With Google, you can also control your Android TV device hands-free. Try saying Hey Google, speak the show name then commands like hey google, pause or rewind.   

Use your phone as a remote

In your best android TVs in Pakistan select the Android Tv device then hit the remote button. After one time pairing, you will be able to control your TV through a virtual remote on your phone. 

Set up your watchlist on Android TV

The best android TVs in Pakistan now include a section name called Discover where you can find new shows to watch and add them to your watchlist. By utilizing the best Android TV features in Pakistan you can utilize your TV and make your entertainment availability more convenient and enjoyable. 

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