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Pick the Latest LED TV from MULTYNET

Many of us are familiar with Android, a mobile operating system developed by Google and it’s the most demanding smartphone nowadays. According to the emerging market demands Pakistan’s no.1 brand MULTYNET infused its LED TVs with all the latest specs and features to satisfy the demands of the consumers. This blog will highlight the latest features in LED TV models of the MULTYNET to make your pick the best among the rest so that you don’t have any regret after making the purchase.   

Comprehensive Content and Google Play

What is the most important feature for you in a TV? For me, it’s content availability. One of the important features of the Latest LED TV is its comprehensive content base. You can have access to 400,000 movies, shows, and apps that you can access from google play, google play movies, YouTube, and much more. Some of the most demanding apps are already installed in the latest LED TVs such as Netflix, Disney+, and Prime Video. You can also have access to download your favorite apps from Google play. In short Latest LED TV models of MULTYNET is an entertainment center you would enjoy.   

Google Assistant (Voice Control)

Apart from the content the latest LED TVs possess other features like google assistant that make your life convenient. It makes your search faster and easier. No matter what you want to search on your TV whether it’s searching for shows, getting recommendations, or checking the weather you can do all this by pressing the google button on the torture remote and asking google to do it for you. 

Chromecast Built-in (Screen Mirroring)

Another latest and advanced feature that I want to mention here is Chromecast technology. This technology allows you to cast all your favorite movies, shows, apps, games, and more from your devices directly to the TV with just a few taps. You can enjoy your favorite things on a bigger screen and also share them with your family.  

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Other Features

Google DUO & Virtual Remote

In addition to the features mentioned above, there are a few surprising features Latest LED TV possesses that you don’t want to miss such as Google DUO and virtual remote. The Google DUO feature is a very user-friendly video-conferencing application that brings face-to-face interaction with your friends and family. It has the availability to add 32 participants to join the same meeting at a maximum. This feature is not only available on mobile phones and computers but also the latest LED TV via Google Play.

The other feature that makes your latest Android TV the most promising is the virtual remote. It helps you to control your TV more easily. You just have to download the Android TV app with your Android Phone. In case you can’t find the remote or want to control your TV from a distance next time. You can download the app and enjoy the latest LED TV features by sitting on your sofa.  

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