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The introduction of the Android LED TV in the market revolutionized the overall living room experience and this trend is growing rapidly. If we talk about 2019, 200 million Android LED TVs were shipped and it is predicted that in 2025 this amount will increase to 266 million. If are also planning to go for an Android TV in your living room and are worried about your budget then check MULTYNET’s Cheap LED TV Prices that proved to be the most economical for your pocket. Due to this brand, you don’t have to go for the cheap LED TV due to price. This article will highlight the price of different series of MULTYNET that will ease your buying experience. its friendly payment and warranty policies make it the most acceptable brand for consumers.

MULTYNET introduced various advanced series to meet the requirements of the consumers. The price of these series starts from 29,302 which is most economical. The top series of MULTYNET is best in price and features.

  • NX6 Series
  • QA7 Series
  • SU7 Series
  • NX7 Series

NX7 Model Certified Android LED TV

NX7 of MULTYNET which comes under the SKU category is one of the most popular Android LED TVs in terms of price and features than cheap LED TV prices and features. This LED TV has a 4k resolution that makes your viewing experience out of the world. The Chromecast technology enables consumers to connect their smart devices with larger screens wirelessly.  It has 8GB ROM and 1 GB RAM with Bluetooth technology which makes it most suitable for consumers’ use than the cheap LED TV which is less in price but doesn’t contain valuable features. The Dolby audio sound system takes your hearing experience like you experiencing things with quality of sound. Google Assistant feature ads comfort in your entertainment by using this feature you can easily give commands to your set by sitting on the sofa. The price of the MULTYNET most popular Android LED TV start from 38,900 after a discount which is most economical than the cheap LED TV Prices on the Market.

If we talk about the variability of size and price then the 40-inch NX7 contains all the latest features and specs with the latest price being just RS. 49,900 than the cheap LED TV price on the market. if you want a bigger screen for your living area then the price of a 43-inch LED TV is RS. 55,900.

QA7 Model Certified Android LED TV

The second most famous series of MULTYNET known in the market due to its latest and advanced features is the QA7 model. This model has all the features and specs of the modern android LED TV like the Chromecast, Bluetooth technology, access to online content, and Dolby audio to make the consumer experience out of the box. 65-inch of QA7 has a price of about Rs. 129,900 and goes up to Rs. 239,900 for 75 inches TV in Pakistan as compared to cheap LED TV prices. Cheap LED TVs are cheap in price but don’t contain the advanced and latest features that consumers want nowadays.

SU7 Model Certified Android LED TV

The third series of the most economical brand is the SU7 series of 43-inch costs you Rs 60,900 with all its amazing features and specs. Those who are looking for cheap LED TVs due to lesser price and buying of LED TV disturb their monthly budget than they can go lesser budget 32-inch BL100 LED that contains all the core features like USB ports, HDMI cable ports, Bluetooth, and headphone ports with a full HD screen for just RS. 29,900.

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Friendly Payment Policies

The other core feature that makes this consumer-friendly is its friendly payment policies that are not provided by cheap LED brands in the market. it provides its consumers with Multiple payment options that suites their needs.

  • Cash on Delivery (COD)
  • Direct Bank Transfer
  • Credit and Debit Card Payment

These three options make your purchase easy so that you don’t regret your choice in the future. You can go for cash on delivery when the LED TV dropped on your doorstep then you can make payment. The second option is direct bank transfer where you can directly transfer your money through the bank without any hassle. The third option is payment through a credit card or debit card. But the cheap LED TV prices make you regrettable in the future about why invest with these cheap brands. So MULTYNET is the most economical brand to give your living room the most inspiring and astonishing that you always want in your entertainment.

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