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Multynet revolutionizing the TV watching experience by launching Certified Android Series equipped with AI technology

With such rapid flux in technology in a span of a little more than a decade. Today we are living in a world where seeing has become believing, and the Chinese saying “a picture is better than thousand words” is seeing its fate. We cannot imagine any household without a good smart LED TV or rather say android TV.

In the comfort-driven world, the ideal home entertainment would be easy access to global content and that too by just giving commands to the remote control, from your couch. Multynet is proud to expand the boundaries of entertainment by introducing certified android series of smart LED TVs equipped with AI technology which is going to fulfill all your wishes.

Multynet is a Pakistani company that started a few years ago and now be the torchbearer for its contemporaries. Multynet’s motto is to deliver excellent quality products ameliorating the Pakistani market and transforming the meaning of home entertainment globally. It has introduced three different series of certified android LED TVs.

SU7 Series & NX7 Series:

The certified android TV series introduced by Multynet is creating a buzz in the market. Both the series possess all the coming of age features. The power- packed packages are the perfect fit to take you on the ride of joy, so buckle up for an immersive experience. The series come with full- screen display having licensed Android 9.0 Pie software. They are available in 32” inches, 43” inches, 50” inches and 55” inches, giving you larger than life picture resolution and perfectly gelled voice quality with DOLBY audio feature. They have a built-in Chromecast and satellite receiver along with a digital tuner and Bluetooth, which enables you to connect multiple devices at once. It comes with licensed NETFLIX, YouTube and Prime Video, bringing global entertainment to your home. The LED TV online feature is making sensations. The series is available at the most promising prices, in reach of everyone.

QA7 series:         

This is the series of certified android TVs that gives out the best experience by projecting larger than life visuals with matching sounds, the series available in 65” and 75” inches is perfect to give cinematic appeal.

All the series have Android 9.0 Pie version and are instilled with the latest AI technology which gives an enriched TV watching experience with enhanced picture and sound quality of 4K Ultra HD, HDR10, and Dolby Audio. The built-in Bluetooth facilitates five connections at a time. The voice control support and Google assistant enables you to command your smart LED TV to play your favorite shows on streaming engines, as the series come with licensed NETFLIX, YouTube, and Prime Video. The built-in Chromecast allows the user to stream their favourite shows, movies, music, sports, games, and more to the big screen. It lets your mobile or tablet to search, browse, queue, and control your android TV from anywhere in the home and keep using it without disrupting what’s playing or draining your battery.

Multynet has certainly made its mark by installing a satellite receiver enabling the android TV to scan satellite channels without the need of an external receiver. The android TV has stretched all the limitations with a built-in digital tuner, which automatically tunes all the digital channels projecting the best results and broadening the horizons of your reach.

Now you don’t have to wait for your favourite movies to be displayed in the cinemas again. You can utterly feel the same thrill. Isn’t it amazing reliving the memories?

All these series of certified android TV’s by Multynet contains all the features to be the perfect entertainment blockbuster and undoubtedly, the best LED TV in Pakistan.

Android 9.0 P:

The smart LED TVs or android TVs are aided with the android 9.0 Pie version which gives an ultra-feature to it.

Enhanced picture & sound quality with 4K ultra HD, HDR10:

The android TV projects the real like images with 4K Ultra HD and HDR-10 display, the TV has a quad-core processor, with 1.5GB RAM and 8GB ROM, enhancing its quality. The best LED TV enables you to enjoy TV watching with your family, or have gaming sessions with friends at sleep overs. It’s a treat for all.

Certified Android TV, Licensed YouTube, NETFLIX and Prime Video

The certified android TV series open doors for global entertainment, with LED TV online feature,  be it Iranian cinema or French masterpieces, all of these just a click away, or rather say a shout away, The artificial intelligence installed in the certified android TV understands the temperament of the viewer.

Google Assistant and Voice Control Support

The Google Assistant, a feature of certified android TV is responsive to the viewer’s needs, giving the opportunity to feel like Harry Potter, by commanding the remote control with the voice support feature. The remote becomes the magic wand and the magical box of android TV brings all the relevant content in front of your eyes. What contentment one can feel, by seeing all his wishes coming true!

Chromecast function enables you to connect your devices

The smart LED TV gives you liberty to connect with smartphones and tablets using built-in Chromecast. You may get your phones, tablets connected with android TV right away, allowing the user to stream content on their TV. So you may get premium video with great sound quality, send texts and you may also accept calls while streaming without disrupting what’s playing on the TV or draining your phone’s battery. It surely has all the features to be the best LED TV. Now enjoy the mesmerizing moments on the big screen.

Manage your home with Google Home

Now with the latest AI technology and Google Assistant support, connect your certified android TV with Google Home app and control your TV with your smart phone or tablet, which are connected to same Wi-Fi. Google Home allows the user to control all the AI supported devices with the help of one app, especially your android TV. It lets you connect your smartphones and tablets with the smart LED TV and browse different apps either by scrolling or by using the voice control feature. It also enables the user to mirror their smart phones or tablet’s screens and operate their android TV from anywhere in the home.

Bluetooth with the ability to support the connection of up to 5 devices at a time

The Android TV has a Bluetooth connectivity feature, facilitating the connections of five devices at a time. You can connect the game controllers, speakers, headphones, and joysticks simultaneously with your smart LED TV and enjoy the wireless experience of seamless sound and picture quality.

Other Connectivity

Multynet Android TV series comes with 2 HDMI Ports allowing the user to connect their laptop and PC effortlessly. It also has 1 HDMI ARC port providing you the cable sound in your home theatre so the user can enjoy the best sound experience. 2 USB ports allow the user to watch and record their favourite movies, TV shows, presentation and pictures.

DOLBY Audio, 7 sound and 7 Picture mode

DOLBY audio along with 7 sound and 7 picture modes, allow you to customize TV watching. The DOLBY audio delivers the cinematic ranges, giving the most enthralling experience that one would jump off their sofa when the dinosaur in Jurassic Park would just feel like coming out of the screen. The 7 sound modes and 7 picture modes would allow you to customize the visuals & sounds with your choice.

Built in satellite receiver and Digital Tuner for best reception

Multynet has made this adamant that you don’t need to attach any external device to receive satellite channels by providing built-in satellite receiver in the smart LED TV. It is meticulously designed to provide the best entertainment with comfort. The smart LED TV also has a digital tuner installed which makes it to catch all the frequencies on air. The tuner ensures that all the content is brought to your screens with perfect out turn.

All these features only in ONE android TV sounds impossible, but Multynet has made it possible, and that too at the most affordable price.

Multynet Values for Money

Multynet values not only your money but time, you can do LED TV online shopping from your home through your phone or laptop, saving your valued time. Multynet ensures that their consumers get the premium quality products at the most economical prices providing the value to their money. The smart LED TV price is in the reach of everyone, be him coming from any part of society. Multynet promises market competitive prices.

The Android TV series is the sleekest looking series be the perfect addition to your interiors. Multynet is thriving to make a mark in the global electronic consumer industry. The Android series is revolutionizing the Pakistani market and transforming the TV watching experience for all.

Free Home Delivery

You can do smart LED TV online shopping and get your product delivered for free with our free home delivery policy. Taking all your hassle away. All you have to do is to order with a click on your phone and the smart LED TV will reach you with care.

Two Year Warranty Policy and the best customer service

Multynet provides the best of customer service with multiple payment methods and warranty policies. Multynet offers 2 years warranty for panel and 1 year warranty for parts. Multynet has service centers in all the large cities of Pakistan to provide the user with the best customer service experience in the fastest possible time. Soon Multynet will be standing in the league of leading electronic brands in the world.

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