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Multynet’s new series of certified android LED TVs are one of its kind

With advancements in technology the world is transformed in many unimaginable ways. The development in the field of IT industry has revolutionized the way this world operates. The world has truly become a global village because of rampant flux in information technology. The world is introduced to machines and gadgets, which were never seen before, and this has certainly made life easier.

The industry it influenced the most is the entertainment industry. Since the invention of television. It has been the major source of entertainment. The television has its own identity in our households. It focuses all the members of the family and bring them together. The modern technology has transformed the concept of TV watching. The televisions now have become smarter and have the ability to respond accordingly. Well these days a TV is used not only for entertainment but, it keeps you updated with what is happening around the globe and also provides the comfort by managing your home.

What features would make the smart LED TV the best LED TV

There are number of national international brands which are providing the best LED TV(s) in the market, but what are the features which make it the best LED TV? Well what a smart LED TV does, it entertains, since the definition of entertainment is changed, the TV has to get smarter to cop up with consumer needs.

Best LED TV in Pakistan

We are living in a comfort driven world. We need everything perfect and that too in a snap. The best LED TV would be the one which perfectly fits all these needs of consumers. Multynet is the brand which provides the products perfect for all, and in the most economical of prices.

Multynet has introduced three series of certified android TVs in the market

Multynet has recently launched its series of smart LED TVs or rather say certified android TVs which are perfect for every household. The names of these three series are SU7, NX7 and QA7. The SU7 and NX7 series come in sizes of 32” to 55” inches whereas the QA7 series come in 65” and 75” inches, making it a perfect home theater for you.

The smart LED TV series has the best technology and the latest technology infused in them

All the series of Multynet’s smart LED TVs come with 1.5GB RAM and 8GB ROM which make them efficient enough to be converted as the best game console, enabling you to play any high definition video game on them. The smart LED TV has 4K resolution display visuals enhanced by DOLBY audio feature of the smart LED TV giving you the ultimate movie watching experience.

What features make the smart LED TV series befitting for transformed idea of entertainment  

Well as the concept of entertainment is changed. Now people like to binge watch their favorite series in their leisure time. They don’t like to chase and wait for the coming episodes of their favorite shows at particular time, like before. They need instant access to all the best shows, movies and series. Hence keeping this as the first priority Multynet’s smart LED TV series come with certified NETFLIX, YouTube and Prime video. Now with this LED TV online feature you can access all the global content from your couch with ease. Multynet has certainly opened doors for global entertainment with this amazing LED TV online feature, now be it Iranian movies or Korean dramas, all of them just a click away on Multynet’s smart LED TV(s)

Artificial intelligence is instilled in Multynet’s smart LED TV series making them user friendly

The artificial intelligence is the future, it is already instilled in many gadgets and making life easy around the globe. Multynet’s smart LED TV series are also artificially intelligent, as they keep track of what content you see the most, or frequently visited and then give recommendations later according to your taste.

LED TV online Shopping

Google home and voice control feature is making buzz

Google home feature in the smart LED TV(s) allow you to connect all the AI devises with it through the same Wi-Fi connection and operate all those gadgets through smart LED TV. The series also has voice control feature, giving power to your words. Multynet smart LED TV series take away the hassle for you to type and find your desired show on smart LED TV by infusing voice control feature. Now all you have to do is to sit back and utter the name of your favorite show and it will be displayed on the smart LED TV screen for you. Isn’t it amazing?

The smart LED TV has built-in chromecast, Bluetooth digital tuner and satellite receiver

The smart LED TV series has built-in chromecast and Bluetooth which enables the user to connect multiple devises with the TV at one time, and with built-in chromecast you don’t have to attach external chromecast devise. The built-in satellite receiver and digital tuner receives all the local frequencies and projects best results on screen, ensuring that the user enjoys all the content.

All these features make Multynet smart LED TV series the best LED TV in Pakistan and not only in Pakistan but it is certainly going to be the best LED TV around the globe. The smart LED TV price is economical enough to be easily accessible for everyone. You can always do LED TV online shopping from our e-commerce store and get your smart LED TV delivered at your desired place for free. Multynet is thriving to be the next big thing and with such deliverance of quality that time is not far.

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