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Multynet Smart LED TV Things That Make It Smart

If you are seeking a smart LED TV for your home, which is instilled with all the latest smart features and that too in the most affordable price then, Multynet is the brand for you. Multynet is a household name for quite a while now, but lately it has become, talk of the town as it recently launched its three new series of smart LED TVs.

Your dreams are valid

It started with a dream, seen in a little shop situated in Shah Alam market at the heart of Lahore. The dream was to have a company which makes name for itself and for Pakistan in international electronic consumer market. Seeing the place Multynet at today, makes you realize that no matter, where you from, what you have, or where you start, if you have the passion to work for it, your dreams would get validation.

One stop solution

Multynet aims to be the one stop solution for all your electronic needs. It doesn’t only cater with smart LED TVs, but you can also buy, best quality kitchen appliances, super quality gadgets for garment care, or if you want to buy heaters or geysers, that too you would get from Multynet’s store. But of course its specialty is smart LED TV. You would not get the best LED TV which is instilled with all the smart features from anywhere but Multynet and that too in market competitive prices.

The three new series of smart LED TVs

The three series of smart LED TVs which are launched shortly are SU7, NX7 and QA7. The SU7 and NX7 series are available in four different sizes from 32” inches to 55”inches, whereas the QA7 series is available in two sizes only, this series is the giant sized series as it comes is in 65” inches and 75” inches only, perfect to give you the cinematic appeal. Multynet assures that the smart LED TV doesn’t only look smart but is smart.

The sleekest of all

The outlook of the smart LED TV series is magnificently classy, no matter where you put them, it will add a lot in the ambiance of the place. They are the sleekest and the finest looking smart LED TVs. They are so light weight that you can hang them on any wall of your lounge or bedroom with ease.

Perfect picture and sound quality

All the three smart LED TV series display 4K picture resolution, along with DOLBY audio. These two features coming together to give joy of your life. The series would let you relive the most cherished moments of your favorite movies, you saw in the cinema by recreating the same experience for you at your home. How amazing!

Treat for video gamers

All the video game players are delighted by the smart LED TV series, as all three of the series, fully support all the high definition video games designed by using latest technology. The smart LED TV series bring joy in gamers’ lives, as they can play GTA and PUBG now, with the best sounds and visuals. It is indeed a total treat for all game lovers.

LED TV online feature of the smart LED TV gives wings to the viewer

With advancements in technology there are some major modifications around the globe, hence the modes of entertainment are also transformed. Today people are more drawn to international streaming engines, and like to get amused by global content. Multynet takes care of these needs and with its LED TV online feature allows you to access the best global content easily, as all the series come with certified Netflix, YouTube and Prime Video. All these streaming engines work as cultural ambassadors, by opening doors to TV and cinema from around the globe.

Built-in chromecast

The smart LED TV series has built-in chromecast which allows you to connect all the external devices without going through the hassle of attaching an external chromecast device with the smart LED TV and then further connect other gadgets through it. This is a sigh of relief for all the video game players as they can attach multiple joysticks, mobile phones, tablets or anything else with it.

Built-in Bluetooth, satellite receiver and digital tuner

The smart LED TV series has built-in Bluetooth, satellite receiver and digital tuner. Through built-in Bluetooth you can now connect more than five devices with the smart LED TV at the same time. With built-in satellite receiver and digital tuner, the smart LED TV captures all the local frequencies and display them, with perfect results.

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