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Multynet making sensations in the market

It all started with a dream

The journey started off with a dream to be one of its kind brand in electronic consumer market. Dreams are a beautiful thing, they constantly keep you to the go to strive for and achieve them, be it small or big the only thing which counts is that, they should be backed up with enough hard work keeping them valid. Multynet was established a few years back from a little shop located in Shah Alam market in the heart of Lahore, and in very little time it has achieved so much, only by delivering the best quality products.

One stop solution for all

Multynet has a wide range of products. They deal in almost every electronic gadget. It is thriving to provide one stop solution to cater every electronic need of consumer. They deliver their promise of providing premium quality products in both national and international markets. It certainly has taken away the hassle from the shoppers, of jumping from one shop to another, in order to buy different products. If you are looking for a smart LED TV or a washing machine, or an electronic iron to take care of your garments, all of these you will get under one roof.

Multynet is making sensations in the market with its three new series of smart LED TV

Multynet is creating quite of a buzz in the market with its three new series of smart LED TVs. The range of LED TVs are instilled with latest smart technology transforming the TV watching experience.

LED TV online shopping

The three new series of certified android LED TVs   

There are three series, SU7, NX7 and QA7. SU7 and NX7 series are available in four sizes from 32” inches to 55” inches, whereas the QA7 series come in the large sizes of 65” inches and 75” inches, which is perfect to give ultimate experience of TV watching.

The LED TV specifications

All these three series display next to perfect visuals with 4K picture resolution and the series has DOLBY audio feature, collectively they give movie watching experience which earlier you could only enjoy in the cinemas.

The smart LED TV series are efficient enough

The smart LED TV series has 1.5 GB RAM and 8GB ROM which makes the TVs efficient enough to perform multiple tasks perfectly. The smart LED TV series are easily convertible into a game console, which is a treat for all the gamers, as they can play their favorite high definition games on big screens and can enjoy the game with extreme quality of sound effects.

Built-in chromecast, Bluetooth digital tuner and satellite receiver

The smart LED TV series come with built-in chromecast, and Bluetooth which enables the user to easily attach all the external devises with the smart LED TV. Now the gamers can connect their joysticks or game playing controllers with the LED TV without attaching them first with the external chromecast devise to further connect the game controls with it. The other interesting thing which you can do with it, is that you can attach your mobile phones with the LED TV through Bluetooth and can operate it by mirroring it on the LED TV screen. If any video is being played on the mobile phone and you are watching it on the smart LED TV, and meanwhile you get the call, then you may also receive the call without any interruptions in the video. What an amazing thing it is.

The digital tuner and satellite receivers are also built-in the LED TV series, which allows the LED TV to capture all the frequencies around and displays with best results on the screen.

Best Led TV in Pakistan
Best led tv in Pakistan

Certified NETFLIX YouTube and prime Video  

All these series has certified NETFLIX, YouTube and Prime video, through this LED TV online feature now you may enjoy all the best global content from the comfort of your home. LED TV online feature is contributing greatly in creating harmony among different cultures.  It broadens the horizons for cultural exchange, and transforming the world into global village in true sense.

Voice Control Feature

Every feature is the best in the smart LED TV series, but the feature which makes it the best LED TV is, that it is infused with AI technology, which keeps track of what kind of content is being visited frequently, so it could suggest you similar kind of content later. The smart LED TV series also enable the user to operate it through their voice with its voice control feature. Now you just command it and it will be displayed on smart LED TV screen. Isn’t it amazing?

With all these features, one can’t expect that the price would be low. But the smart LED TV price is so economical that anyone could buy it with ease. You can always do LED TV online shopping as well. Multynet has free home delivery policy, so your desired LED TV would reach your place without any hassle. Multynet is indeed the best LED TV in Pakistan.   

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