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The market and demand for Android and LED TVs are getting higher day by day. It’s important to keep yourself updated about the latest products and features. This blog majorly highlights the Android LED TV Price In Pakistan. The current article can further help readers to sort out their choice for buying a perfect Android led tv for themselves based on the features, specs, sizes and most importantly the android led tv prices in Pakistan. If you are looking for the best brand of android LED tv then look no further as MULTYNET Android LED TV is the most top of the line product you can get. With multinet you can get access to a sleek design along with high quality resolution for your pleasure. Its an affordable brand brought forward to cater the needs of Pakistani customers and its market.

Multynet is selling customers top android led tv models categorized as HD models, 4K models, FHD models with led tv prices in Pakistan starting from Rs. 29,302. They can be further categorized into:

  • NX6 Series
  • QA7 Series
  • SU7 Series
  • NX7 Series
  • NX7 Model Certified Android LED TV

    One of the most popular androids led tv from multinet is 32NX7. It’s a 32 Inches android led tv that comes under SKU category. Moreover, it’s an HD tv with 4K picture quality with quad core processor, 8 GB ROM, 1GB RAM with Bluetooth technology, built-in Chromecast, and built-in satellite receiver. It’s a digital tuner tv with apps like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime video and other apps that users can download according to their choices. Dolby Audio sound system is another amazing feature present inside this tv along with google assistant attribute. Customer can buy it with an amazing price of Rs. 38,900, after discount.

    Another upgraded model of this product is 40 inches (40NX6) TV model with all the features available in above models. This android led tv price in Pakistan is just Rs. 49,900. It has classic radiance, slimmer & sleek design as well as amazing vibrant colors. If we go towards bigger screen sizes of this tv, then it goes higher to Rs. 55,900 for 43NX7(43Inches) and so on.

    QA7 Model Certified Android LED TV

    This model type contains all the extraordinary features of Multynet android LED TVs discussed above. For QA7 android led tv prices in Pakistan are Rs. 129,900 for 65 inch and goes up like Rs. 239,900 for 75 inches TV.

    32 NX7 series certified android LED TV is for Rs. 38,900 only, 43 NX7 series certified android LED TV is for Rs. 55,900 only, 50 inches NX7 55 series certified android LED TV is for Rs. 79,900 only, and bigger NX7 series certified android LED TV can go up to Rs. 85,900 only.

    On the other side, SU7 series certified android LED TVs are an alternate option among which 43-inch SU7 (43SU7) costs Rs 60,900. For those looking for LED TV in lesser budgets, they can go for 32-inch BL100 led tv from Multynet which incorporates all the core features like USB ports, HDMI cable ports, VGA cable port, headphones ports along with full HD screen in just Rs. 29,900.

    Friendly Payment Policies

    We provide our valued customers multiple payment options that suits their needs. It includes:

  • Cash on Delivery (COD)
  • Direct Bank Transfer
  • Credit and Debit Card Payment
  • Customers can utilize cash on delivery option on courier service or on our personal delivery service. There would be separate shipping charges for delivery that depends on area & city where product has to delivered.
    For direct bank transfer option, buyers can send money on the bank information provided on our website.
    You can also buy and freely pay charges through your credit or debit cards without any limitations on transaction limit. This service can also be availed on Delivery or courier services option.

    Where to Buy From Now

    Multynet is a popular home entertainment and top Android LED TV brand that incorporates all the latest technology advancements inside their best Android LED TVs to bring out the best experience for its customers. You can jump onto their website for more details and guidelines related Android LED TV Prices in Pakistan.

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