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Most of us own advanced systems of LED TV’s in Pakistan but we don’t know how to properly utilize them in different situations of need. Older generations and even younger ones keep using old school methods and techniques even though we have this luxury item untapped due to insufficient knowledge and incapability to use properly. Here we’ll discuss how technologies present in LED TV In Pakistan that can surely help you stand out, getting support from technology itself. This blog would surely help those who have LED TVs but have no idea how they can use it for all the important tasks daily, whether in home or office.

Connecting Your Mobiles With TV

Before the entry of technical LED TVs in Pakistan, it was complicated to connect your mobiles with TV system. Its true that earlier mobile phones were also not that much advance enough to complete the connection. But this could have happened with Bluetooth technology connection, but for that, TV must also have to be updated which they were not. Other methods of connection were through VGA cables that were mainly part of laptop computer systems and were used for getting laptop screens on Big Tv screens. The multiple reasons behind these connections were watching your photos and event videos on big screens with family and friends. Furthermore, presenting your work at workplaces and in universities for educational purposes also required a smooth connection which was done in such irregular ways. The point to be noted here is that it required a hectic process to be taken and a lot of your time being wasted easily to make a successful and uninterrupted connection.

Now we have this opportunity as the TV systems have broken all the previous records, with science and technology, making innovations faster and more amazing than ever. In todays age, we can readily connect with Bluetooth technology. Other than this, Chromecast is the latest innovation which is even better and doesn’t even require a Bluetooth technology. It can mirror your mobile screens to any branded LED TV in Pakistan. After connection, you can watch music, songs, videos or games present available on your smartphones on your respective smart LED TVs. It is advised to have a good WI-FI Connection for the best experience and verify that your mobile hotspot is ON. Your Tv will scan and find that hotspot for enabling a connection properly after which you would be able to open your files on your tv screens.

Connecting Mobiles And Non-Smart LED TVs

There are two types of LED TV in Pakistan, Smart and Non-Smart. Most of you must be thinking that is it a drawback if you have a non-smart LED TV? Well, its not. There are still several ways to connect and transfer file from your mobile phones to TV systems or vice versa.

USB Cables

With USB cable you can connect one end of the cable to the LED TV port and other to your mobile phone. Both faces of the USB cable are different and should be seen and attached correctly. After connection, you’ll automatically get an option to connect. You can accept it and then may perform your desired action as required. Now you can watch movies on your screens or see mobile photos or videos right on your LED TV screens.

Micro HDMI

If you don’t have USB cable then you can utilize the option of HDMI Cables. Most LED TVs in Pakistan have an option for this advance method which allows you to transfer files with great and protected quality. According to experts, HDMI is much better than USB cable option due to greater retention of data and high-speed transfer. All the above mentioned perks can be enjoyed with this technology comfortably. Micro HDMI cables can easily be order online or you can buy them from your nearest mobile & electronic shop in your neighborhood.

The method of connection is same as for connecting a USB cable. After connecting cable properly, you can go to your menu option in TV from where you’ll select HDMI-1 OR HDMI-2 option as required.


Multynet is a home entertainment and top brand for buying LED TV in Pakistan. It incorporates most of above-mentioned technology advancements inside their Best LED TV’s in Pakistan to bring out an outstanding experience for their customers. You can jump onto their website for more details and guidelines related to android and TV technologies.

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