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Android TV was founded around 2014 after google stopped its already built TV system which was known as google TV. Since that replacement, android technology has gained the momentum rapidly throughout the world due to its huge potential to expand and bring forward the innovation in Android TV systems. TVs and its use and functionalities have drastically changed after the emergence of android. Its popularity and demand is rising exponentially in the market specially among the millennials and Generation Z kids. This blog will highlight what android technology is and what changes it has bring in the TV technology, lifestyle, and entertainment.

Android TV system is actually developed by mobile developers, who launched it first in mobile phones making them smart mobile phones. It was later adopted in TV systems for bringing a change in the market. Thanks to android, TVs are now easier to control especially using google assistant. Consumers can even handle it with their voice and can install valuable apps according to their needs through google play.

How Does Android Work?

With android, users can navigate between different sections inside their TV. They can navigate to cable or apps section where they can take advantages of downloading their favorite apps like Netflix for movies and shows, YouTube for streaming videos, Spotify for listening to music. Another milestone of android tv is that game lovers can play downloaded games on their TV with single mode, multi-player mode and even online games.

Screen mirror technology was a trending technology for a long period of time and still it’s gaining momentum consistently with continuous advancement in mobile phone brands. With this technology, people can duplicate the content of their mobile phones on their Android TVs. This technology, also known as Chromecast, is one the best features of Android systems. In systems without built in android, people actually has to perform this process manually for above-mentioned and related works.

Furthermore, every Android Tv has alternate options of HDMI-1 and HDMI-2 ports with which we can transfer our files on or from Tv. This helps in corporate presentations, meetings and seminars where presentation are discussed and presented effectively to clients on big TV screens. On the other side, Androids system have automatic updates system that is active run as developers keep introducing new updates to improve the performance of the system.

Future Of Android TV

The future of android is ever green according to experts worldwide. According to a research in 2019, tens of millions of people owned android TV devices. A whooping proportion of these users were from Europe and Asia. In numbers, there were 140 operators working in 60 countries in 2019. It has been predicted that by the start of 2023, there would be around 99 million devices that would be running android TVs.

There has been huge investment made in android technology especially by the big players of this industry to boost the innovation and technology advancements in this field. As a matter of fact, there results are already started to show its signs in the global industry.

Smart home solutions and IOT (Internet of Things) seems the most fascinating technology to be integrated with android televisions that has potential to bring a huge impact in industry. A lot of research and development is already happening and continues to surprise the tech-savvy audience that what new can come at just the blink of an eye. Having said that, people can actually control their smart-enable home and other devices such as lighting, air temperature along with sound and alarm systems installed inside their homes, all through their android TV device. A point to be noted here is that, consumers are also ready to pay for such developments which surely guarantees a big future for android.

Android & The Creativity It Brings

The great user interface designs available inside all the Android are super appealing and cool. From being comfortable for eyes to color selections to ease of use, everything just seems perfect. They are simple and fulfilling the real demand of TVs which is entertainment and relaxation. Google has set Certain Standards
which has to be met strictly which keeps the look and feel consistent when switching between apps and home screen. It ensures that things remain branded and user-friendly as they were meant to be in to keep the originality in place. Android Tv guide principles act as guidance when meeting such high standards.


Multynet is a home entertainment and top Android TV brand that has incorporate most of these latest technology advancements inside their best android TVs to bring out the best experience for their customers. You can jump onto their website for more details and guidelines related to android and TV technologies.

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